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Worldstone keychain


There're very few remaining atlantean stone disks, and those depicting the world glyphs are extremely rare. But don't worry, we have sent expeditions to every corner of the globe to plunder the last atlantean colonies and recover every single surviving antique. Now, thanks to the latest tech, all those dusty, fragile and notably ancient disks have been scaled down* and converted into keychains for your delight as the eccentric artifact collector you are. 

*Unfortunately the scaling process makes the stone feel like plastic resin.

● Ø 45 mm / 1 ¾"
● 'Atlantean World' ideograms accurately reproduced in one side and rotation marks on the other.
● Grey coloured hard resin, there's no paint that will tear off with use. Dark wash to accent details and texture.
● Presented in a terrific 'novelty style' header card packaging.
● Gorgeous metal ring with chain for your keys.

Subtle grey variation may occur from one keychain to another.

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